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Author Topic: Hawaii Panics After Alert About Incoming Missile Is Sent in Error  (Read 284 times)


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I personally do not believe it was simply an "error pressing a wrong button". Nevertheless the good news is that there was no real missile headed to Hawaii.

But it makes me think of how could I be prepared for this if it was for real. I believe many people is thinking that in Hawaii as well (at least they should).

Within moments of the first announcement, people flocked to shelters, crowding highways in scenes of terror and helplessness. Emergency sirens wailed in parts of the state, adding to the panic.

The false alert was a stark reminder of what happens when the old realities of the nuclear age collide with the speed — and the potential for error — inherent in the internet age.

“It was a false alarm based on human error,” Democratic Senator Brian Schatzof Hawaii later said on Twitter, without offering evidence. Schatz said Hawaii’s roughly 1.5 million residents were “terrified”.

The text was sent out by the national Emergency Alert System, designed to allow the US government to warn Americans within 10 minutes of authorities learning of a threat.